Refurbishment process


Elements of Refurbishment

  • Evaluation

  • Inspection of equipment

  • Determination of extent and level of refurbishment.

  • Customised refurbishment plans

  • Removal, Transportation & Installation

  • Warranty, service and maintenance

Mechanical Electrical Cosmetic
Equipment Dismantled and thoroughly cleaned Relays, boards, lamps, meters, indicators, controls and knobs are tested and replaced as needed System is disassembled, vacuum cleaned and prepared
Inspected for mechanical imperfections and wear; Replacement/ repair items identified Monitors, keypads, LEDs are tested and replaced as needed. Repairs undertaken as required. Covers are removed, sand papered / blast cleaned and imperfections corrected.
Components replaced/ repaired as required. Functional checks including emergency stops inspected and cleared. Painted to original OEM colour or the custom colours of your choice
Motors, switches, cooling fans, locks and gears, bearings and track surfaces are inspected and replaced as required Check all cables and connector and replace as needed Optional custom paint
System calibration and testing Electrical components checks Reassembly , final inspection and full functional trials
Exact refurbishment process will vary depending on modality, make, model and preexisting condition of equipment.