• Integration / Assembly
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical
  • Environmental Testing


Pacific has the required infrastructure to manufacture electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical and mechanical units, sub–assemblies and systems. These are being manufactured to meet stringent electrical and environmental requirements specified by the Customer. Assemblies are performed by skilled and trained technicians.

To make these possible we have

  • Premises of 2500 Sq. Ft. accommodating integration and environmental lab facilities.

  • Dust-free air conditioned and humidity controlled testing area (Temperature range between 250C±30C and humidity between 40-60% RH 450 Sq. Ft.)

  • 100% Anti-static & ESD Safe Environment in testing & assembly areas & Test Benches with RCCB protection to handle components & assembled PCBs

  • Air Curtains for dust preventions in test and assembly areas

  • Power back-up for continuous operations

In addition to the above a 250 Sq. Ft. Clean Room of 100K Class for testing of Components, PCBs & assemblies is under construction.

All areas of the enterprise are secured against all risks. Safety & Security measures instituted include

  • A comprehensive round the clock CCTV Surveillance system

  • Access control system in testing and assembly areas.

  • Fire Extinguisher system

  • Adequate grounding & Earthing


Component Level Testing

Pacific carries out Screening and testing on wide range of electronic components before using on PCBs and sub-systems. These tests are in accordance with MIL Standards like MIL-883, MIL-750 and JSS50115:2008. This activity involves Carrying out electrical parametric testing, environmental exposures, and Burn-in of components to eliminate failures due to "Infant Mortality" and to ensure better reliability of components.


  • Source & Measurement Unit (SMU) for Active Component Testing

  • Curve Tracer for component characterisation

  • LCR meter for Passive Component testing

  • Milli-Ohm meters

  • Insulation Resistance Meters

  • Relay Test System

  • Burn-in Systems for High Temperature Reverse Biasing & Dynamic Burn-in

Functional Testing

Pacific carries out 100% functional tests on the assembled PCBs and sub systems to verify their functionality before being integrated or mounted in cabinets/enclosures. Thereafter the final integrated product is tested for its full functionality with suitable fixtures and test equipment.


  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope & Digital Signal Oscilloscope

  • Function Generators

  • Programmable Power Supply Units

  • High End Benchtop Multi-meters

  • Withstanding Voltage Testers

  • Customised test jigs


Designing & Modelling

Dedicated team has been created within the company for design and modelling of machine elements, casting dies, plastic and rubber moulds, press and punch tools by using latest versions of Solid Works, Solid Edge and Pro-E. Highlights of our capability are:

  • Experienced man-power for Design/DFM in Solid Works.

  • DXF, IGES, STEP files for direct importation into CAD systems.

  • PDF, TIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and EPS (for graphics)

  • Fully detailed parts and assembly drawings

  • Reverse engineering designs

  • ISO standards for drafting,

  • IS metric system for dimensioning

Part Manufacturing

Mechanical component like precision machined parts, press parts, sheet metal enclosures required to manufacture electro-mechanical and mechanical modules and sub-systems are manufactured at in-house facility.


  • CO2 Welding Machines

  • Vertical Machined Centre (VMC)

  • CNC Lathe

  • Hydraulic Press

  • Measuring Instruments like Vernier Callipers, Micro-meters, Bore gauges

  • Various types of thread, plug and radius gauges

  • Height Gauges

  • Surface Tables


Assemblies are performed by skilled and trained technicians by using assembly and work instructions issued by our customer.

  • Torque controlled pneumatic tools like screw drivers, riveting guns.

  • Work benches

Functional Testing

Final Assemblies are tested for its functionalities by using specific test jigs as per the requirements.


Environmental Testing

Pacific undertakes Environmental tests on its products to ensure its reliability. These test includes Environmental stress screening (ESS), thermal shock, humidity, high-low temperature, vibration, shock/impact, salt spray and other mechanical tests.

These tests are in accordance with MIL Standards like MIL-883, MIL-750 and JSS55555:2012.


  • Environmental Stress Screening Chamber

  • Burn-in Chamber

  • Humidity Chamber

  • Electro dynamic Vibration Shaker System (300 Kgf) with slip table

  • Salt Spray Chamber